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Hi Jeff,

It looks far more complex than it actually is.  The main angles duplicate themselves (10-15 degree diagonal rake and 90 degree square), so once you’ve created one joint, the reminder are simply either duplicates or mirror images of the first.  The top can be much wider, but finish dimensions depend on user preferences. 😉


These can and do handle holdfasts extremely well and planing stops can range from being simple a screw, a rising stop/dog and on to a rebated/dado’d stop lathe.  Clamping is just as versatile. 😉

The length and breadth of the saw horses I make and use (In the design I submitted) are 36″ x 6″, but dimensions aren’t rigid and can vary to suit the user’s needs.  I prefer either 6″ or 12″ wide tops, but tend to mount the wider secondary top onto the basic 6″, as this can readily be replaced when badly worn or if a wider/different top is desired.  The wider supplementary top (Typically 1″ thick stock) allows improved access for longitudinal ripping as the saw plate can clear the legs, but I tend to find shorter stock is very easily managed on the narrower top, whilst pairs of saw horses/benches are best used when dealing with longer stock. 😉