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Hi Jon,

It sounds like you’re doing well with your sharpening routine, but have had some fun and games with your #4 my friend. I may be able to help in some way, as this is what I’d do if presented with the same/similar situation;

1. Remove the lever cap and double iron (Blade & Cap iron/chip breaker).
2. Slacken the frog screws and ease the frog back so it’s lower front edge rests flush with the back of the mouth and then re-tighten the screws, making sure the frog is square with the front of the mouth.
3. Ensure the frog adjustment screw (At the back of the frog) is snugged forward to prevent the frog from slipping during use.
4. Adjust the distance between blade edge and cap iron/chip breaker and set with a 1/64″ / 1mm gap.
5. Re-install your double iron and re-fit the lever cap.

Take a few test shavings and you should find your plane is back in working order, although with a fairly wide mouth setting. The mouth can be adjusted to suit the nature of the work being carried out, but both frog and cap iron/chip breaker positions I’ve suggested should work well with most types of work my friend. 😉