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Hi Jesper,

I’d continue practising with the 1″ chisel, but use the sharpie method to mark a line square to the side of the blade and as close as possible to the edge.  This can also be done on the rear element of the bevel (Near the spine of the blade) and can help you determine possible adjustments.  I tend to find working an edge square to the side tends to help with balancing even pressure on the blade.

In truth the best way forward IMHO is to continue honing at the same angle as before – but freehand – and adopt a convex bevel once the secondary bevel is past halfway across the primary.  In cases involving single bevels I’d pursue a convex bevel once the edge is within 1/4″ – 3/8″ of the spine of the blade.  (By spine of the blade I mean the point where rear of the grinding bevel meets the flat).