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    Stanley Gibson

    It was about 40 years ago I began an adventure in woodworking. Buying a variety of hand tools, chisels, saws, vintage wood body planes, Even a nice work bench. Pouring over my books and manuals I set to engage my new hobby. Sadly my efforts were less than satisfying. I put my tools away and forgot about them. Until I met Paul Sellers on my computer. His teaching, as you all know, was excellent. Like adding the breath of life to a long dead carcass. He taught me. He taught me to sharpen my tools. He taught me to cut a dovetail. He taught me to saw a straight line. This and a myriad of small but incredibly important task. How to use a square. The importance of a sharp pencil. The all important knife wall. Thank you Paul.
    So last year my eye fell on a limb of white oak in my back yard. My first impulse was to make it into firewood. Then a second option passed my mind. Make something of it. So I cut it up and following Paul’s instructions I produced a small box made with hand cut dovetails. My wide was delighted so I followed it with 3 more boxes as Christmas gift. Very well received. More recently a fallen red oak caught my attention. Using a chainsaw I cut two faces “square” then cut it to length. Using a drawknife I roughed it down to the core then with the jack plane I smoothed and worked all four faces then marked the slab width. Resurrecting my Sandvick rip saw I ripped out four slabs. I will continue and produce enough to build my second of the desktop organizers.
    The photo shows in the foreground a rough piece, then a piece in progress, then the slabs ready for smoothing and employing in my project.

    Debra J

    That’s beautiful to find a new beginning. We do tend to get caught up in *stuff* and neglect *skill* too often. There are so many nuances to skill and this especially for woodworking.
    And congrats on using found wood! Your wife will treasure that box always not the least because you made it for her.

    - Debra J

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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