A new handle for a saw

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    Julio T.

    Hello all.

    When I bought this saw a pair of years ago, I bought it for practising in sharpening. The handle was made of plastic and absolutely ugly, but the blade of steel was surpringsly good and the blade itself was straight and with all its teeth in good shape.

    It did its work: I learnt sharpening on it, but a few weeks ago I thought that perhaps I could try to make a new handle to replace the ugly plastic one (or perhaphs I looked for a excuse to use the Auriou Cabinet Rasp my wife put me for Christmas)… and I’m very happy with the results, taking into account that it is the first one I’ve made. It’s made from beech with hand tools (handsaw, plane, scraper, brace, gouge and chisel, rasp and files), using the existing handle as model and making the fixing with two nuts I bought in Thomas Flinn page. I’ve only used I jig saw to do the rough cutting of the shape.

    I’ve put shellac and wax for finishing.



    You’ve made a very nice job of that, looks fantastic.





    that is a very nice job, so much better than the plastic handle! well done.




    norman jansen

    Definitely a big improvement. And by making your own you have the opportunity to make it fit your hand perfectly. Making a new handle for a few of my saws is another thing on the ‘to do’ list. Some day…



    Very nice! Smooth finish!


    Craig Brain

    You did a great job of that 🙂


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