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    Ron Harper

    If you have seen some of my early posts , you will recall that I am recently retired, have moved my shop,and have converted to basically hand tool woodworking. In my old life, I did not use hand saws much. In this new life they have become very important. Three months ago I was somewhere south of mediocre, especially in grtting my cuts plumb. Much, much better now. Message? … Keep at it. These are skills that require the buildind of muscle memory. Requires lots of reps.. Success will come with the reps. Made several cuts this morning. More than half cuts dead on. The ones that were off were close and need onlt light swiping with my number 4

    Joseph Sellers

    Hi Ron,

    That is really great to hear. Thanks for posting!



    Well said an very true. I officially retired last month, now to make the most of whatever time I have. I’m planning on working wood for a long time yet 🙂

    Ron Harper

    I have at least 20 years of projects in the queue.

    Steve Follis

    Thanks Ron

    Your comments are appreciated and well received.

    Memphis, Tennessee


    That’s great Ron. Mine are getting better as well, although its taking a lot more planing. Problem is, I’m still learning to plane square as well. I’ll get it though. Thanks for the words of encouragment.


    Thanks for the encouragement Ron, I look forward to the day when I can saw straight down a board with a panel saw ( a long way off in my case ), as it is at the moment I leave myself a huge margin for error and end up with quite a bit of plane work to get it down to the line.


    Great sharing folks.  I was on the recent month long course at Penrhyn Castle, and I recall a moment of  revelation that happened one day. I saw (no pun intended) that I could make accurate cuts if I wanted to. Things improved greatly. Of course I still make bad cuts, but fewer (my concentration wanders at crucial moments, and the saw cut wanders with it). But it is getting better, and this year I am determined to et to te point where accuracy is the norm.

    Dan Peterson

    Thank you Paul and Joseph for putting this video together.


    This is good here, I am in a similar position. I retired 3 years ago and until then I was Power Tool Junkie Thanks to Norm Abram “The New Yankee workshop”.  I still like Norm and have several of his plans, but since retiring I am into Hand Tools mostly with occasional help with my Band Saw or Drill Press.

    I am getting better with my saws but still have a ways to go,  I also have several that need some serious attention de – rusting,  sharpening repairing handles etc.  This is another part of this hobby I love and that is to learn how to use but fettle Hand Tools.  I am hoping I have a little more time in the shop this year and anxious to get my bench finished which is a copy of Paul Sellers all done so far with Hand Tools.



    Steve Massie, I live in the great State of Florida, US

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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