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    Dear Paul , Joseph ,

    Thank you , once again , for the two wonderfull visual gifts , for thinking at us , now.
    It is a privilege for me to wish to all of you , a MERRY CHRISTMAS .
    The Christmas card , made with my poor phone camera (for which I apologise ) is made with you in my thoughts ; small thing , but from all my heart.
    This “ultimate” nut -cracker stetched -out from the need for a better control of breacking the nut -shells , in order to reduce the spread area of the scraps and to obtain a ‘kernel’ as intact as possible.
    It is more an idea than a project , I think it will be a fun to make -it , to improve -it.
    The fulcrum ratio is 3:17 , might be rised to 3:20 for an even better control.
    The base is made of beech , the handle (it must be strong and rigid) is in oak. The anvill (interface) is a piece of pine , chiseled by the almost ten years of use.
    In order to ensure the great resistance required by the cracking force , I enforced the end articulation with a band of iron (soft steel) ; not using metal will result in splitting the grain of the handle after 5…15 nuts , as it happened in my first attempt.
    I can assure you , it works: it gather people you love around you , releases nice stories and good thoughts. Not to mention its usefullness.
    With love and respect,
    PS. The little pine – behind the scene – is plastic , but in the glass , it’s not water.
    Watch your fingers.



    That is one large nut cracker and it looks as though it does the job as intended. Thanks for posting it and Merry Christmas.

    Joe B.


    Thank you , Joe B , for your comment.
    Your wish goes to us all.

    Mark Armstrong

    What a great Idea.
    That will always make a good Christmas present. 😉

    Dagenham, Essex, England


    Good point : a present that will last. Thank you , Mark.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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