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    Craig Medvecky

    Every time I polish something with steel wool it creates a huge amount of steel powder everywhere that is hard to get up and out of corners with shop vac or cloth. For all of you who use 0000 wool to apply wax how do you stop the steel dust from getting in the finish?

    Armen Carpenter

    Have you tried a magnet? Maybe that with a combination of a tack cloth?

    Craig Medvecky

    That’s a nice idea. My question was more to do with finishing tho. If you rub on wax with steel wool, dont the particles of the steel wool get embedded in the wax? Then pressed into the grain and then part of the finish? I haven’t understood why people use this method. Why not polish the piece with steel wool. Clean it off and then rub the wax on with a cloth? I was just trying to learn why these French polishers feel the wool has to be the applicating device.


    Do you have good steel wool?
    I got some from HDepot and it was as you say. However I got some from lee vally and it was way better.
    Try it your way and see if you like the results.
    I have found you do not have to scrub the surface just polish it lightly and gently

    david o’sullivan

    i had this problem too but over came it by 1 sanding if your project isn’t completely sanded smooth the wool will catch loose grain and tear i.e skipping grits or sanding across the grain .2 your finish must be completely harden off not just dry .3 use 0000 steel wool (liberion ) if you can get it . you can also be quit aggressive when applying

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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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