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    Travis Maddy

    Hi everyone, I’ve wondered many times if there are traditional methods for attaching a tabletop that don’t involve screws or hardware. I’ve been using cabinetmaker’s buttons per Paul’s instruction, and that works great, but what method would someone have used before screws were accessible and that still allows for the wood’s movement? Thanks!


    Metal screws date back to the 1400s, and wooden screws before then.

    I would have thought that screws with elongated holes would have been an early option, and would be interested to hear what other things might have been used.


    Colin Scowen

    Sliding dovetails, dowels, nails. Next member to visit the V&A may well be able to give a better answer. Or one of the Viking museums maybe. Although a quick google search shows a lot of designs were the legs are connected directly to the corners of the top, so no aprons to speak of.

    Colin, Czech Rep.

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