Bandsaw blade issue

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    Matt Sims

    I just put a new blade in my jigsaw. I’ve had the jigsaw a couple of years and am now expeienced at setting it up; getting the tension right etc, and generally get good results from it.

    However, on this occassion it’s been all over the place, noticeably moving backwards and forwards when viewed side on.

    See this video, which is with all guides and both top and bottom thrust bearings well clear.

    This is a problem with the blade, not the machine isn’t it? I didn’t have the issue immediately before changing the blade. (I’ve not yet put another blade in to check)

    What could the issue be? Blade “appears” to have no faults, to the naked eye.

    Video can also be seen on my you tube;

    Thanks in advance for any observations,

    Austin Conner

    I guess it’s possible the blade is the issue.

    However, my first thought is that the upper wheel adjustment seems off in some way. Are you certain you didn’t give the upper wheel an unintentional whack when changing blades?

    Either way swap in a different blade and report back.

    Matt Sims

    I put a different blade in and all was well.

    I cleaned the upper wheel, and the “faulty” blade, then put the “faulty” one back in, and all seems well now!

    Obviously I had something out of adjustment… but I checked several times before taking the video?
    Maybe some dirt on the wheel or blade was throwing it off… But it was a brand new blade?

    Oh well.
    Thanks for your input,


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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