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    Matt Sims

    I’m new to bandsawing. I got mine in January… (combination of Christmas and 60th Birthday!)

    I’d done some research beforehand and eventually ended up with a RecordPower BS300E.
    There are things about it I don’t like, but I have been able to make satisfactory cuts with it.

    However, everywhere the advice is to use good blades. The machine came with one ready fitted, and I received a pack of 3 difference Record Power blades as part of the purchase deal.

    I haven’t used it much, but I felt that very quickly there was a deterioration in the cutting performance, so decided to get some “good” blades…

    Online research led me to https://www.tuffsaws.co.uk/

    Wow! What a difference with a new quality blade!

    One of the pieces I cut was some meranti from a reclaimed door. This shaving is from the other side of the fence… it’s basically managed to cut the varnish off! As you can see it measures, (on my cheap digital gauge), just 14 thou of an inch!



    Matthew Newman

    I’ve had similar situation with my 10″ Rikon, worked pretty well but was hard to get good cuts out of it. Ordered a custom blade from SawBlade.com and it transformed the saw.

    Can’t understate how much difference a good blade makes!

    -Matt Newman

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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