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    Tom Davies

    Getting to the final stages of my bathroom mirror cabinet. The cabinet is recessed into the stud wall for a sleek miniaml look (that’s the idea anyway!), and I decided to make the door frame out of thin stock, so that the whole thing looks more like a mirror hung on the wall, rather than a cabinet.

    It’s all made of oak, some from leftover flooring, some salvaged from some ikea cabinet doors, and some spare from another project. The cabinet is very simply made with rebated butt joints fastened with screws – as it’s all hidden within the wall I didn’t bother with any real joinery there. The shelf is held in by a stopped dado.

    Door is made with bridle joints in the corners, and two rebates cut on the back of the stock to accept the 4mm mirror, and 6mm plywood backing. As the frame is made of stuch thin stock, the mirror has been fixed into the rebate with a solvent free mastic like adhesive, to give the whole thing the rigidity it needs. Held by some leftover brass butt hinges, left over from my kitchen job – black ones of the quality I wanted were crazy money.

    All that’s left now is a tiny bit of planing around the door to even up some of the gaps, then a sand down and application of some finish – probably osmo top oil.

    All done with hand tools only, and very enjoyable it was too.


    That’s slick looking. Great job!


    I did not see it was a cabinet at first and thought it was framed mirror. Nice work on the drywall also. That is going to look amazing.

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    Gary Rosborn

    It looks amazing! Where did get your flooring from, because they are unbelievable? The only place I was able to find is oak flooring manufacturers in London. What do you think of them, maybe know something is it worth try

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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