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    Hi all. I finally got started on building Paul’s bench but I think I may have a problem and could use some advice. My bench will be a 5 foot bench with well board and only 1 bench top. I have laminated the legs up and realised I have used 3x2s instead of 4x2s. Will this cause a problem with stability. I’d very much appreciate any feedback. Thanks. Pat.


    Hi Pat,

    3x2s should work fine buddy. The aprons will add a great deal of stability into the hole bench.

    I look forward to seeing it completed. 😉


    Thanks Ken I wasn’t sure whether to start again with bigger timber I’ll try and post some pictures of progress so far. I think it will a sedate build due to work commitments.

    Steve Follis

    Welcome Pat!

    I agree with Ken, you should be fine, the only thing that you would really be giving up is a bit of weight, and that could be made up easily by adding a shelf or something at a later date. And I look forward to seeing that picture as well.

    Good Luck!

    Memphis, Tennessee


    Thanks Steve. The bench is the first thing I have ever made and I’m hoping it turns out ok. I attended an introduction to woodworking course with Paul at Penhryn castle in April and haven’t had time to do anything since then. I’ve been putting together my first hand tool collection as well and that’s about complete now. My Stanley Router plane arrived 2 days ago so I have everything I need. I’ll try and post a couple of pictures later today.

    Eddy Flynn

    good luck Pat looking forward to seeing your progress

    Eddy .. Liverpool, Merseyside, UK


    Thanks Eddie I spent most of yesteday planing and sizing the legs and cut my first Mortices in one of them. Paul makes it look so easy. My first attempt wasn’t too successful the insides of the holes came out a bit ragged with a slight step in them. I’ll cut the rest today and hopefully I’ll get better.

    Steve Follis

    When I was building the legs for my bench I cut all the tenons first. Then I would chop a mortise and fit the tenon one at a time. Each joint took me about an hour. It was during a work week, so I cut one each day when I came in from work. It took a while but I got it done, and learned a lot in the process.

    Memphis, Tennessee

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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