Bridge City Joint Master System.

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    William Allen

    It’s been six years the last post on the original Pro Saw.
    All in it is about $1400cdn.
    I don’t have many power tools, and would prefer to keep it that way.
    What I build require lots of repeated precision cuts of small parts, Kumiko for example.
    For bigger things I have a Ruobo frame saw and two Disston saws.
    For smaller cuts I currently have a Veritas dovetail saw and two Japanese saws, a Dozuki and a Ryoba.

    Has anyone had experience with the Bridge City machine?

    It is a lot of money but it looks like it has potential to do exactly what I am looking for.
    So, I’m looking for anyone who can relate their experience with it, or if they know some one who has one.

    Thanks kindly.

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