Built a double garden gate using wet timber. Oops.

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    C White

    I am known for taking a while with shed projects. Somebody whom i know well commissioned me to make a gate and kind of rushed me, on a small budget. I hadnt really built a project as big as this before apart from the shed but my design was simple enough so i thought i’d give it a bash.

    I knew what happens when timber joinery is done when wet but my thought was if all of the timbers were wet throughout the project, then when it all dries together it would be fine. boy was i wrong. Posts bent like i dont know what, twists all about the place, an absolute nightmare.. managed to straighten it up enough but it is safe to say i am more than dissatisfied with the final product.

    Was told they would be painted also, so i wasnt fussy about creating a nice surface finish but unfortunately the customer liked the appearance of the greeny/brown tanolised look.

    Would like to re-do the entire project, using much better quality timber as i used tanolised construction timber. Was a big learning curve for me, though.

    C White


    Richard Guggemos

    Nice design

    Thomas Angle

    Maybe it is just me, but I think it looks really good. It is a gate, not furniture. Not saying that you should not do your best at everything you do.

    The real question is, did your customer like your work. That is all that really matters since they are paying you. A happy customer is a return customer and also a good reference and more business.

    Seriously though, it is a nice looking gate from the pictures.

    Arbovale, WV

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    Hugo Notti

    Nice job, nice gate! I suppose, in a few years, the gate will have a new shape anyway, so you only sped up that process.

    By the way, I think, it is good to have projects under pressure every now and then. Without that pressure, you would probably still struggle with the distorted wood and perhaps never get it done. I have started building a tool cabinet a month ago, and there is no pressure…


    PS: Why did you mount the upper hinges upside down?

    C White

    So that the gate could not be lifted off both hinges!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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