Buying wood in Ireland

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    Alex Kavanagh

    Hello everyone,
    I am a young man just starting out in woodworking, I have just finished building my bench and I am ready to move on to some more projects. I am finding it difficult to source wood tho. Many places I email only stock construction lumber and finding slabs or nicer bits of walnut or cherry for example is proving difficult. With covid I cant really travel to merchants and ask them in person and I have been fairly unsuccessful with getting emails back. I am based in Dublin Ireland so if anyone would know a good supplier near me or even just in Ireland I would greatly appreciate it.
    Thanks in advance

    Colin Scowen

    Try calling some local tree surgeons, find out what they do with their felled trees. It may not get you those specific species, but would give you an idea what might be available and whether they mill themselves, or sell the logs to someone else.
    They may also be able to point you at other sources as well (stately homes or NT sites etc). For smaller pieces that you would split and flatten, you can always ask about firewood. Of course, if it’s freshly felled and milled, you would have to store it for a while, or expect it to shrink more than a dried wood if you use it green.
    I also use fencing slats. It’s not hard wood, but it can come up nice, you can buy it from a local box or garden center, and they usually don’t mind you sorting through to get some nice pieces that you can edge joint to make a larger board.

    Colin, Czech Rep.

    Joost Borst

    Hello Alex,

    I would suggest letting your friends, familie and neighbores know your into woodworking and are looking for wood.
    Some how wood seems to find you that way.

    Might not be the most reliable way but atleast you get some of it.


    Daniel Smyth

    Hi Alex.

    I’m also in Dublin. The places I have purchased timber are
    1. Strahan Timber for hardwood timber that is already sized and planed all over. They have precut lengths and widths in 20mm and 40mm thicknesses. For some of the projects on Sellers 20mm is too thin so I have tended to just size down a bit from the drawings
    2. I have no access to a bandsaw, but if you have the will and/or the energy to prep timber from rough cut boards I’ve bought some from TJ O’Mahony in ballymount ind. Est. and found them OK for dealing with a novice woodworker wanting to look through the stacks. I phoned beforehand. Even the rough cut timber is eye-wateringly expensive right now and You need a van or another way to transport the boards of course

    Good luck.

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