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    Hi all,

    I searched the site as best I could, didn’t find what I wanted. So question.

    For base cabinets in a workshop, would you build them like kitchen cabinets under the counter top? I question if that would be strong enough as somethings weigh a lot an also the type of use it would get. This is not a work bench, just storage cabinets. On top of that would go in sections, wall hung type cabinets although they may rest on the top of the base cabinet, not sure yet.

    In the lower cabinet, top down would be the counter type surface, then one horizontal row of drawers about 8 inches deep or double at 4 inches deep, and below that a shelf with cabinet doors to keep the dust out. Pretty much like a kitchen cabinet. I guess design strength is my main concern. I look at my kitchen cabinets and wonder how much weight and abuse they would take.

    Over all size would be about 8 feet wide, (would it be better to do two 4 foot sections?) depth perhaps 18 to 22 inches. Height about 32 inches to 34.

    Any photos and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Mike Goodwin

    Kitchen type base cabinets would work fine. I’ve been in a number of shops that recycled old kitchen cabinets from kitchen remodels and used them as shop cabinets. I’ve also set up 2 large maintenance shops using such cabinets; one plywood bases and one laminated particle board. Both used “formica” veneered kitchen counter tops. Both held up fine under the abuse of multiple, none to gentle, users, through neither stayed pretty for long.

    4′ bases will be easier to make and install than 8′. When combined they will also be sturdier.

    With the above said, I recently set up a third workshop in which I wanted the counter tops to function fully as secondary workbench tops. In this case I used simple 2 x 4
    laminated H frame construction (3 1/2′ x 3″ legs with 1 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ cross members) to make a framework on which to attach a 3″ thick solid top (in this case made from solid core commercial doors). The H frames are attached directly to the wall studs. A ledger board is screwed into the wall to support the back of the counter top. The frames are spaced to accept free standing cabinets that can be slipped in between the framework. The cabinets themselves bear no load.

    This has worked well and is serving as the prototype for counters that I am planing on installing in my home shop. The only major change will be to use laminated boards (or plywood, like Mr. Sellers current bench) instead of door slabs for the counter top..

    Hope this helps.


    Thank you for your answer and advise. Helps a lot.

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