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    David M

    I was asked if I could make a carrom board. I did not know what it was but had it described to me as a picture frame with birch plywood inside instead of a picture.

    Sounded simple enough so I said I thought I could. I received the attached diagram.

    The inside corners are round not 90 degrees as I thought. And the holes are tangent to the rounded corner not set back in like say on a pool table.

    I am a bit puzzled as to how one could, with some precision make the rounded corners. Would the frame have to be first made much wider than the finished size, the corners shaped and then the sides trimmed to final width. Seems more difficult than I imagined.

    Any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated.

    carrom board dimensions

    David M

    Matt Mahan

    I have an approach that would probably be best described via a diagram, so see the image attached.

    Instead of thinking it as 4 narrow frame pieces (like a picture frame), think of it 8 components: 4 corner pieces (red in the image) that would be made square and dimensioned to encompass the frame width plus the hole that creates the radius of that corner. You’ll cut those four squares then drill or carve out one corner (blue in the image). Then you’ll have 4 narrower pieces that will form the main part of the frame (green in the image). Depending on how big that radius is, you could even get really fancy and take one large square piece that’s exactly sized to later create the four smaller squares, find the exact center, and drill out the center with the proper bit. Then cut the squares apart.

    Colin Scowen

    You could try to assemble the sides as 4 pieces rather than 8, attach a temporary inner corner (clamp or double sided tape), and then bore the hole from the bottom side.

    Colin, Czech Rep.

    David M

    Thank you both for your replies.

    Matt I think I do understand your suggested approach of thinking of it as 8 pieces. That is the corners as separate pieces . The holes are 1.75″ i think. I will experiment a little with approaches and may indeed drill one hole separating the pieces latter depending on how big the piece would have to be to do this.

    Colin I am not certain that I fully understand your suggestion but here goes. Build the frame, put a temporary square piece somewhat larger than the hole into each corner. Drill the hole so that the hole sides are tangent to each part of frame corner and that will leave a curved section in the corner.

    I attached an image. The shaded area would be what is left to fit in the corner. Is this a correct interpretation? I assume the temporary inner corner is attached topside and wonder why you suggest drilling from the bottom?

    Again thank you both for the interesting and useful replies


    David M

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