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    Eddy Flynn

    hi this is mostly to the british members of the site have any of you ever had any carving tools from the supermarket lidl they have a 12 piece set for £20 i know they are cheap but i remember Paul saying he tried chisels from one of the cheap supermarkets and they worked quite well, i wanted to know if i was wasting money trying them they are a german company and we all know they make decent enough tools they have german ash handles

    Eddy .. Liverpool, Merseyside, UK


    It depends on your interest and capability. If it is a one-time project, after which you will never touch the tools again, well maybe.

    Generally, I’ve found any sort of “set” to have maybe one tool I can use and a bunch of others I’ll never touch. It’s best to determine which tools you actually need and buy them individually. Then, there’s quality….

    As a carver with several years experience (but not mastery), I can tell you that the taste of poor quality carving tools lasts a long time. I found one opinion about this particular set of tools that bemoans how poorly they are ground. Of course, it’s only one person’s opinion, but enough to sound an alarm. If you’re really good at regrinding and sharpening … and want to spend your time that way, maybe.

    Cheap tools are too often paid for many times with disappointment, lost labor, and finally by replacing them with better.


    If this is the same set (see below) – they look nice enough. Looks like they are mostly for hand carving and only light mallet work. I would buy a set and send it to Paul as a gift. If he likes them, then the rest of us can all buy a set 🙂

    Robin ... Richmond, Virginia, USA

    Paul Sellers

    Seems like you could have a good set of carving chisels that can be reshaped or twenty profiled putty knives. Still not a whole lot of money for 20 tools. Aldi chisels were just excellent chisels. We have used them at every UK bench for three years and they were unbeatable.

    David Gill

    Hi Eddy are they the same as the set Robin has shown if so look good for £20

    Wigan, Lancs. England :

    Steve Follis

    If this is the “Faithful” set, I bought it, and was not very impressed. You will get what you pay for. I am not an expert or extremely experienced carver, but I agree with everything Bob Easton said above.

    The bad side: They seemed very thick, and could use a fair amount of grinding and sharpening. They are comparatively shorter than other carving tools that I have used, not as well balanced.

    The good side: They are a good value for the price. You can buy this entire set for less than the cost of a single Dastra gouge. If you have the time and means to grind them, I’m sure you could make them work for you.

    I have used Dastra, Hirsch, and Two Cherries, they are definitely more expensive, but all very fine tools.

    I attached a couple of pictures comparing the Faithful to the Dastra, the overall length of the tool and the bevel or grinding (the Faithful being on top in that photo). The Dastra is considered by many to be the best of the best. The comparison would be similar to comparing the Kobalt #4 plane to a Lie-Nielsen.

    Memphis, Tennessee

    Eddy Flynn

    thanks for all your opinions fella’s i had a look at them in store today but didnt buy as it contained to many firmer chisels i’ll keep lookin i think

    Eddy .. Liverpool, Merseyside, UK

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