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    stephen wilson

    I got your E-Mail about going subscription only route. Can I ask is this a permanent thing, aka the Adobe route. If you no longer want to support the credit system anymore or even allow access to people who have previous credits then may I suggest a seasonal pass. This would work as in a single payment would allow access to projects for that season. By using this system, no subscription will be required and if you miss a season you still have access to the paid for seasons. This would be better than just discontinuing access, as you’re currently doing with credits.

    David Rakfa

    I didn’t get any email notification about the discontinuation of credits and now, two episodes into my Garden Bench build which I started several weeks ago, what am I to do? As a pensioner the ‘pay as you go’ credit system was much more suited to my budget and rate of progress. So to finish my project am I being forced to ‘upgrade’? After thoroughly enjoying the project so far, this has left a bad taste. Disappointed!

    Joseph Sellers

    Hi @drphobus,

    Sorry I missed your message. We don’t have any plans to bring back credits or anything similar. We found that a disproportionate amount of time was being dedicated to handling the credits system. It took quite a bit of technical development and maintenance and then quite a bit of time answering questions and helping customers to understand and use the system.

    A while back we removed the system for new users and while we understand that it isn’t perfect for everyone we are planning to go forward with a greatly simplified system that just allows paid users to watch paid videos and free users to watch free videos. Anything more complex just takes time away from developing new ideas and bringing new features to the website.

    Sorry to disappoint but please bear in mind we are a very small team working to make our niche of hand tool woodworking instruction the best we can and we have to maintain a certain level of focus to give that our best shot.

    , feel free to get in touch via the contact page and we will see how we can help you out with the remaining episodes.



    Charlie Schmidt

    Joseph, Thank you for keeping the site easy to use. I really love it! Charlie Schmidt, Chicago IL

    Joseph Sellers

    Thank you!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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