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    Debra J

    Had a blast cutting the leg housings for the workbench. I got two housings done last weekend with no trouble. It took forever for this third one since the cut line for the angled wall would go through not just one, but TWO gnarly knots.

    Undaunted, I smacked away with a sharp chisel and quickly blew a chip out of the housing wall. Of course it was on the good side, not the waste side. So I glued the chip back and weighted it down with my trusty $20 mini bench vise. After the glue dried, I cut the housing wall with a tenon saw, then got to work clearing waste with the chisel. You can see how the knot nearest the edge shatters instead of splitting like the clear wood. (Wear eye protection.) The knot toward the middle was a little better behaved until I got down to finished depth. Then it decided to rip out a chunk from the floor of the housing. I might glue it back but it’s not visible.

    The end result is a nice tight fit between the leg frame, wedge and apron. I am really excited to see this start coming together. I have one more housing to cut! Then I can actually stand this beast up on its own legs.

    - Debra J

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