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Drilling in to end grain

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    Colin Scowen

    What are peoples thoughts on the best type of drill bit to use when drilling in to end grain?
    For both soft wood (pine) and hardwoods.

    Flemming Aaberg

    Where the end grain of pine has significant bands of different hardness in the growth rings I first drill a very fine pilot hole then follow that up with another larger pilot hole about half the width of the snail of the auger. This reduces the risk of a wandering bit.

    Colin Scowen

    As an update, I made the vases using an augur bit in the end, but I had to finish the taller one with a normal bit, to get the full depth for the test tube that goes down the center of the vase.
    Took a few minutes to tune the auger bit in, bit once that was done, and with judicious use of the oil in a can, I was able to bore the holes with no real bother.
    I had thought I would have to use a power drill for this (the auger bit is a hex shank), but after grinding down the shaft of a 3 jaw chuck spindle, I was able to do the boring by hand.
    Apologies if the image looks a bit strange, I am not sure how well the whatsapp image will upload.

    [attachment file=”619560″]


    Nice looking vases.

    Toby Vereker

    I agree – nice Vases – well done

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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