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    Phil Andrew

    Managed to pick these bad boys up for less than 1K AUD.
    Gotta love the Ebay bargains, pays to bid on as many as you can afford because you can get lucky.
    I bid on 5 Routers and got two, the Planes I paid $20 each for and the plough planes are the result of bidding on 9.
    The 78 I was the sole bidder on, almost felt guilty only paying $50 for it…

    Andrew Sinclair

    Nice, all look great condition! May I ask what you paid for the routers, as I’m considering a second one? I’m based in Sydney btw. Cheers, Andy

    Matthew Newman

    Nice score, when I found my 78 I was the only bidder too (I think I got mine for 35 USD) and it ended up being new old stock never used.

    I’ve not had much luck finding Stanley router planes on eBay. I did find one once and realized after the fact that all in with shipping I spent almost as much as I could get a Veritas large router. I’m not sure what they go for in Australia but something to consider.

    -Matt Newman

    Chris Calant

    not ebay but local salvage dealer score…paid about nothing, 19 € for all
    the ripcut saw is Sandvik in topnotch condition, crosscut is Slack-Sellars ( The Black Knight it said underneath the layers of rust ) ….both were full of rust, now only the Slack-Sellars need some setting and sharpening..the level is a cute little gem I couldn’t resist, it’ 3.5 inches long…as for the tools together in the picture, they are all in good condition exept one of the drillbits and the coping saw, which needs some care on the adjustments….I just love salvage dealers who don’t know realise what they have in store ( one of the guys was kinda laughing at me, saying what you gonna do with those… )
    one more thing…the Slack-Sellars saw was in exellent condition when they got it they said….it came from a carpenter who took great care of his tools, the rust had build up while sitting in their stockpile

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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