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    Colin Scowen

    I recently was watching the youtube video on wooden planes, and went to have a look at the one I have (similar in size to the one that Paul was working on).
    The iron has an Edward Preston and Sons Two Cherries logo on, the plane is 22″ long, and has the same Edward Preston and Sons logo stamped in the front.
    I am trying to gauge the possible age range for this plane.
    Handplane central has scans of some of their 1901 catalogue, that seem to show the same plane (model 214, 22″ trying plane). I am curious if anyone else has ever tracked down Preston catalogues from different years.
    I know they started using the ‘and sons’ in their logo in 1889 and that they went out of business in 1934, but I don’t know the launch / discontinuance dates of that style of plane in their catalogue range.
    Any info would be gratefully received.

    Colin, Czech Rep.

    Colin Scowen

    Thanks to Tenjin and his Goodmans planemakers book, it looks like, since this plane does not have Ltd on either the iron or the body, that the plane I have is around 120 years old. (That’s just about the same age as me, my wife and my two sons combined).

    *According to Goodman’s British Planemakers 4th Edition the marks relevant to your plane are:

    *PRESTON, Edward & Sons 1894 – 1900

    *PRESTON, Edward & Sons Ltd 1901 – 1934

    *It’s suggested elsewhere that if the ”Ltd” is not present then the plane sits in the earlier range.

    *Goodmans says wooden plane production continued right up to 1934.

    *Hope that helps. Goodmans has a photo of Edward Preston!

    Colin, Czech Rep.

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