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    John Poutier

    I had a neat experience today and have to tell somebody. I’m in Denver, Colorado on a business trip and had a day off. I searched the internet for “hand tools Denver” and found myself in “Charlie’s 2nd Hand Tools.” It’s a garage/basement/attic on steroids with second hand tools all over the place. To make a long story shorter, I met a fellow looking for a “Diston rip saw” but he did not have a clue how to sharpen one. The empowerment part was the fact that I could tell him the Diston panel saw he was looking at was rip sharpened and that he could sharpen it himself if he went to this web site. He was proud of his hand tools and planned to pass them on to his children because “they would never buy them.” My quess is that we soon will welcome him to this forum……stop by that place if you have a chance and say hi to Ed in the “Dungeon.”

    Yorktown, Virginia

    Joseph Sellers

    That is great John. Thanks for sharing.


    That’s really cool John. You’ve probably brought someone into our “secret” world. If I hadn’t stumbled across Paul building a workbench on YouTube, I never would have known, and probably would have spent my money on a garage full of power tools, not buying old Bailey planes and Disston saws and bringing them back to life, then hearing that swish from a well tuned plane. I wouldn’t trade this experience for a $5,000 flesh sensing table saw.


    John, I like this community because I don’t know many people who get excited about story’s like these, thanks for sharing.

    Jeff, I too stumbled upon Paul thru YouTube I was thinking about purchasing a router at the time and looking at different uses and looked at the french dovetail as this seemed easier and cheaper than the dovetail jigs and that is when I found Paul making a dovetail joint. Your comment regarding the power tools was spot on. I have a few power tools but I lack the table saw, router, band saw, jointer, planer. I did purchase a stanley 220, 4, 5 and Disston D-8 for a total of $48CAD and only the start to my minimalist list, I have enjoyed tuning and testing them. My father asked what my plan was and this seems to sum up my new affection for hand tool woodworking. Thank you.

    “I wouldn’t trade this experience for a $5,000 flesh sensing table saw” – Jeff Winship –



    Russell, glad you found this before you bought of whole lot of power tools. I’ve got nothing really against them except that I don’t believe that they have a “soul” (obviously not meant in the religious respect) nor individual personalities so to speak like my old hand tools. Some might think that a strange statement, but I think a lot of people will identify and agree with that. Would someone PLEASE agree with that so I don’t start feeling weird about it and end up in therapy again? 😉

    Get ready for a fun ride. If you haven’t seen it already, watch out for what Paul shows you how to do with a scrap of wood and a wood screw. And the chisel and 2×4, the allen key and scrap of wood…..etc. I won’t spoil it for you, but it’s amazing what Paul can do with stuff. Best.

    Ben S. Keeter

    Thanks Siam going to go check it out this weekend.

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