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    I’m about to start creating a few different sized kitchen benchtops out of some Cupressus macrocarpa from an old fallen tree, lots of worm, decay, and knots which will be cut out before I dress the timber which will leave me with pieces approximately 55mm wide by 45mm deep and all varying lengths.

    My question is I will have very few pieces full length with out end joining them, thus I will be laminating / glueing them together but will also have to end / butt join as well. I’ll be making use of my festool domino to give added strength to the assembly.

    How would you guys go about this.

    look forward to your replies


    Northland, New Zealand


    How about a single dovetail at each joint?

    Robin ... Richmond, Virginia, USA

    Charles Cleland

    Scarf Joint would be sufficient I think…not sure if I would do it though, lot of work and it probably won’t look that great unless that timber is absolutely gorgeous.

    Washington State, USA
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    What about an half lap joint? I would skip the domino’s or biscuit unless you need them for alignment as they will just weaken the tabletop.

    Dallas, Texas


    Just make sure your ends are square and the lamination will provide sufficient strength. Joining the butts won’t add any more strength than the lamination which is long grain to long grain.

    I use my domino to help align panels all the time. They won’t weaken it in any way whatsoever but they won’t really strengthen it either.


    I do like some of the ideas here but as I’m up for 4 benchtops of various widths and length, I’ll be at it all year to finish if I use anything but the simplest of methods.

    I’m thinking to butt join to required length first using a 10mm x 50mm domino and polyurethane glue (perhaps) and then once “squared laminate again using the dominos to just assist with lining up.

    However I’m still thinking (and dressing the timber at present)

    Northland, New Zealand

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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