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    Gradually filling out my suite of essential tools. I have been tempted several times to buy something extravagant (well, within my budgetary constraints anyway) but have instead endeavored to find quality tools at affordable prices. I have found that with patience and diligence, as well as a little luck, it is possible to find good used tools in working condition or nearly so (a little cleaning/tuning/sharpening necessary perhaps) for a very reasonable amount of money. About all I need now are some card scrapers/burnisher and a spokeshave to finish out the bare essentials. Of course, I realize that this is only just the beginning. 🙂

    My most recent purchases include:
    a Record 044 plow plane minus the short fences and lacking some of the cutters but in otherwise excellent condition for $18, a like-new vintage Stanley 71 router with the depth stop, fence and cutters for $70 (a little more than I was hoping to spend, but this is a pristine example with not a spot of rust/corrosion and the nickel plating absolutely flawless) , a stanley no. 40 scrub plane sans blade (Hock tools has a replacement for $39) for $9 ($9!!!!), a newer but still perfectly satisfactory Stanley block plane, barely used, for $5, a Stanley 81 scraper plane in marvelous condition with the rosewood sole in excellent shape as well for $20 and a beast of a Columbian bench vise for $45 bucks.

    Of course, I will need to do add some cutters for the 044, but it has the 3/8, which I need for the wall clock (I’m a Johnny-come-lately, having only just started my hand-tool oddessy recently).

    The Stanley 81 I am fairly sure I snagged at such a low price because the ad listed it as a “Scapper” haha…it pays to dig a little deeper with searches on Ebay!

    So if there are any other beginning hand-tool enthusiasts out there who are discouraged at the expense necessary for even the basics, fear not! With some time and patience, you can acquire a nice stable of tools fairly quickly from Ebay, Craigslist, and local garage/estate sales and flea markets. Good luck and good hunting!


    And don’t forget to ask relatives, because you never know who inherited grandpa’s great uncles tools when they passed on.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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