Filling Voids in Tiger Maple

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    Harold Blair

    I am making a version of the Shaker Stepback cupboard as seen in the attached photo for my son and his wife. However, instead of using cherry, as per the photo, they wanted it made from tiger maple. I have completed the construction and am ready to do the final preparation. Nothing particularly difficult although there was a lot of scraping because of the grain patterns. This is my first project out of tiger maple (I usually make my furniture out of cherry, walnut, mesquite, pine, etc.) If you will note in the photo, the piece is a post and panel construction for the base. Note that the feet are turned. I do not turn, so I hired someone to turn them for me. Unfortunately, he must have been using a dull machete or hatchet as there are lots of chip outs, some quite deep. So, I am now faced with filling these voids. Since the wood is actually gone, they can not be steamed out. Normally if I have small voids I will use Paul’s method of filling with super glue. Photo 2 is a pic of one of the feet. Does anyone have any other suggestions for filling this? My son has not yet decided on the finish, but I suspect it will be a very lightly tinted shellac so any dark filling will not work.

    Chipped out turned foot

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