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    With me channeling my inner Paul all the while, I finally finished my Nicholson bench. I might as well call it my Sellers bench. I had some 5.5 inch timbers for the legs, which have splits, but I butterflied them. The southern pine laminated top is 24 inches by 72 inches, 3 inches thick. The aprons are 12 inches wide.

    The drawer will come later, but I’m tired of working on the bench.

    I’m grateful for Paul’s inspiration and teaching. Completing this bench is a something I’m proud to have accomplished, as is the case with most woodworkers who build their bench.

    Now, on to furniture.

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    Ecky H


    Well done! Your bench looks rather sturdy.
    Do you know how heavy it is?


    Veni, vidi, serravi.

    Münster, Germany



    I cannot estimate the weight exactly, but I’m fairly robust physically and it is difficult for me to lift one end. Lifting the end of the vice is almost impossible, but with a serious push I can raise it.

    The vice is the Record 9 inch from England. It is a beast. The 3 inch laminated top is difficult to handle alone. The 5.5 inch legs are also heavy.
    Thus, it is serious bench in terms of weight. I would guess 250-300 pounds.

    I purchased the pine from a hardwood lumber dealer. The vendor indicated that the pine in question was of a specie or grade that made is denser than perhaps is normal for this type of softwood. From my observation, the pine wood seems heavier than the construction grade pine that is offered in the major big box stores.



    Well done!

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