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    David B

    Wow–only one person shared their results in 2 years? I decided to try my hand at these and while I agree that it was a bit tedious, I really enjoyed making them and am impressed with how well they turned out. All I used were some scraps–cherry, walnut and figured maple. I made these with much thinner stock than Paul’s video but the thicknessing jig works well, as did the clamps (for the most part) and I think the coasters came out quite nice. It was really good practice to work with stock this thin and still get results–perhaps a confidence booster. Also, I used a scrap for the holder and it was VERY tight dimensionally to fit everything in place. BUT it was great practice chopping mortises that tight while not splitting the wood. My biggest issue was that a couple of the tombstones on the holder didn’t line up perfectly (one of them leans backwards a tad). But, all in all, I’m pleased. I finished with a coat of Danish oil to try to bring out the colors of the wood. Then I threw a sanding coat of shellac on top and finally finished with 2 coats of poly. I’d definitely consider making more for gifts.

    Oh yeah–making the 2nd jig for cutting the corners was a bit of a pain. I don’t have clamps that are wide enough to hold the coasters in the jig so I relied on finger strength for the most part–it still worked just fine.


    These do look great!

    I’m still waiting for some time to make a few sets. I actually got a lot of small pieces of wood exactly for this purpose.



    Look’s great. Well done!

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