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    i just built my very first furniture: the chest of drawers. I redesigned it to be a diaper changing table for my little daughter. I want to put it to the bathroom and i am wondering what the best finish will be.

    1. I want it to be hazard-free for the baby
    2. I want it to be resistant to the changing humidity of the air and the temperature changes.

    Can you recommend any treatment of the furniture surface in my case?

    I’d appreciate any idea, thank you for your time.
    cheers tobias


    Id go with a poly urethane or a brushing laqure to resist the high humidity.

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    Philipp J.

    Either Poly Urethane or if you wanna be more environmentally friendly Waterbased Laquer, every Manufacturer has to provide a Saftey/Hazard Chart for their Product so it might be a good idea to check that before you buy a specific one.
    If at all possible i highly recommend going to a Specialised Store for Paints, Laquer and the likes. Those People can usually tell you alot more and help you chose the right Product for your specific needs.


    Allright, thank you!

    James Savage

    I used Osmo Top oil for the vanity unit I made for our bathroom, it’s food safe when dry, water resistant, easy to apply, gives a nice finish.
    I’m very pleased with it. The unit has been in use for 18 months, with three children aged 6 and under who tend to get water everywhere, no water stains! 🙂

    Jim - Derbyshire.


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