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    I’ve been making a pine side table based on the ideas from the cofee table project. I thought I’d get a bit more practice using a cheaper softwood before diving in to an oak table. Anyway, I’m wondering how to finish it.

    I have dewaxed shellac that i used on the wallclock which came out well but from what I know is a pretty fragile finish for a table top? So I was thinking of using Danish Oil. I’d really appreciate any thoughts on whether that is a good finish for a table top. Is it a good idea to wax on top of the danish oil?




    I have used wax on top of Danish oil and I love the finnish. Wax can mark quiet easily, how much traffic will the table top get.

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    david o’sullivan

    hi bill have used danish oil and it is a beautiful finish on any wood and have used it on the my pine work bench .its a hard durable natural finish but you might need to apply several coats which can take up to 8 hours to cure but well worth the effort

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    Mark Armstrong

    I like look of danish oil.
    If loads of traffic a good old varnish will do and floor varnishes very tough.

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    Since it’s just a small side table it won’t get a lot of traffic I don’t think so I’ll give it a few coats of Danish oil. I’m thinking maybe 2 – 3 although after the first one I guess the varnish in it reduces the amount of oil that soaks in to the wood.

    Is there any need to sand between coats or is it just – apply; wait a few minutes; wipe off excess; leave it to cure overnight; repeat…


    Bill, true Danish Oil should have very little varnish in it if any. I like to flood the first coat on, let it sit for 10-20 mins and wipe off the excess.
    I do like to give it a light sand before the second coat.

    The third coat I put on using 400g wet n dry paper it really gives it a great finnish.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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