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    David Enstrom

    I’m looking for a vise recommendation. I’m in the US.

    Mike Conner

    Hi David,

    I believe the Eclipse vises are what is recommended by many here. I’m also in the US and found them to be readily available on Amazon (link below). The 9″ or 10″ would both work well but I think the 7″ would be too small for a front vise. Hope this is helpful. Had to edit the link a bit so it would work so you’ll want to just copy and paste everything between the arrows.


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    Kory Karr

    Agreed with the eclipse. Tried using a budget vice from woodcraft and it was barely better than nothing. Got an eclipse 9″, and its great. Imo, most important tool in the shop.


    When I bought my eclipse the giant, 10 inch version was substantially cheaper than the 9 inch. I bought the 10 inch. It’s really heavy. It also came with about a 10 degree bend in the handle, so maybe that’s why it was cheap. Anyway, it works great on my 5 foot bench even with the bent handle. Just food for thought.


    These are made in the US. You’ll be set for life.


    If not the first may be the second. A wood working vise with a wooden screw…

    Front vise with wooden spindle.

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    David Enstrom

    Thanks! I got the Eclipse, and I’m very happy with it.

    Roberto Fischer

    I got the eclipse on Amazon and I had a defect. I got a replacement and it also had a defect. I was able to swap out the defective part of one for the other (defects were different) and returned the other one. Check your product!

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