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    Does anyone have any tips for flattening the two workbench halves, i have gotten them both semi flat and twist free but when i put a straight edge across them, not so good. One side of the workbench looks good but the other is 1/16 to 1/8 off and they have a twist.

    Salko Safic

    Check that your legs and rails are square and equal height if that is all spot on I would edge clamp the top or use wedges and then plane them together as a single top.

    Hope this helps

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    I already have my tops glued to my aprons, so it would be difficult to clamp them into a single top. I will try to remember that if i ever replace this top.

    My only thought is to lay one giant straight edge across the entire top 34″ or so and keep going till it is level across with no twist. I have also realized that taking more care during glue up to prevent twist is worth its weight in gold.


    It certainly is. I never glued up “mass quantities” as we do in making the workbench. Didn’t have enough clamps first top, didn’t pre-run the clamping second time. Planed and planed and planed. Then I glued all the legs up at once…didn’t come out so hot.

    BUT That first leg-frame glue up came out great and it’s real exciting to have a part come out so true and square (of course it’s the jointery not the clamping).

    Working on second one now-which should take half as long and be 10% better at least.

    Hope my tops sit well and should find out really soon.

    Clamping and gluing–not so easy as it looks. But now I’ve learned how that works… Great luck getting yours trued up-I would certainly true the full width.

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