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    Colin Scowen

    True story, shared to make you smile. The Czech word for ‘hinge’ is ‘pant’.
    Means if I want to ask someone (who speaks English, but not well enough to know the English word for ‘pant’) which style of hinge they prefer, I am basically asking them (and this happened at work today) to tell me which panty (the plural, or ‘hinges’) they would like me to use.
    Or to send me a picture of a ‘panty’ they would like me to use.

    (Google translate ‘pant’ Czech to English if you think this is a wind-up, ‘cos it’s not. And when Czech pluralises something it is done by adding a ‘y’ at the end.)

    The lass that I was talking to about this, who wants me to make a bread bin with a hinged front door for her (hence the question in the first place), went bright pink when she cottoned on. This was aided by the giggles from her neighbour who did understand the use of ‘panty’ in English and proceeded to translate that back in to Czech.
    (Yes, I could have asked the question all in Czech, but where’s the fun in that 🙂 )
    She did join in and asked me to bring a sample panty to work so she could see if she liked them.

    Colin, Czech Rep.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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