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    Bryan Barrick

    I would like to suggest Paul make a frame and panel constructed cabinet.
    Is there one in the works?

    Andrew Sinclair

    I’d be a plus 1 for that! It seems a common form of construction that is missing from WWMC. I always look at Paul’s tool storage base units in the older videos and wonder how they’re done!

    I believe he has written a kind blog post in tesponse to a query, detailing the method and/or dimensions, but it’s not quite enough for someone like me. Perhaps the eco bin project captures much of the technology involved – it’s a similar concept.

    Cheers, Andrew

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    Ken Kilby

    I would suggest making a frame and panel lid for a smallish box to get started. For me it is somewhat time consuming but not particularly difficult.

    Bryan Barrick

    I’ve been thinking the same. Start small

    Colin Scowen

    Doors that he does for the tool cabinet are frame and panel, also worth looking at the bedside cabinet as well.
    Not sure how the blanket chest is built, but that may also be worth a look.
    There was also a video regarding the tall tool box that can be seen in the background to some of the older video’s, but I am not sure where that video is.

    Colin, Czech Rep.

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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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