Gluing clamps from plywood

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    Jukka Huuskonen

    Didn’t want to waste money on gluing clamps, so I decided to do my own from plywood (and probably spent more money on them this way…).

    Here are a few pics of the project and version 0.1 of the first finished clamp (just clamping my first bench hook as a demo). Those long wedges need some more work. Probably have to cut them shorter and maybe have a bit steeper angle on them:

    Plywood wood is 18mm thick northern birch.


    Jukka Huuskonen

    Added a few pics about a pretty much final design for my glueing clamps. Seems to work nicely. I’ll post more pics after I’ll do my first glueing with them. Check the link in first post to see all pics.

    Here is one:


    Glueing clamp in action.

    Jukka Huuskonen

    First glueing attempt. Pics added to the album.

    Couple added here too.




    Moved out of the way into the sauna.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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