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    Evening all,

    I picked upvice ice today, it was a bit of a trek but worth the drive, £25 for a 20year old record quick release no53 with quick release. It’s a lump at 10inches ago with its weight hop will make my bench feel real solid!

    There is some surface rust which lead me to my question, how best to clean it?

    Ive watched some vids on electrolysis but I think it might be a little over the top. White vinegar has been another suggestion, I’m inclined to strip it down and get a wire wheel attachment on a drill to give it a good blasting. If anyone has a suggestion to which is best and to what extent in needs to be deconstructed to that would be a big help. I don’t want it to look brand new but I certainly don’t want to contaminate the wood transferring rust in use.

    Thanks all,


    Distilled vinegar, ascorbic acid, or other types of acid have the ability to “pickle” (most likely etch) your cast iron. Removes rust very well, but the metal surfaces end up having a dull matte finish. Won’t ruin anything that I know of, but it will not look shiny if that is desired. Perhaps it is possible to leave it in the bath long enough to loosen rust without getting that pickled look, but I have not had much luck. I’ve cleaned up some auger bits, a bevel gauge, and some BBQ grill grates this way. Our local Costco store sells Distilled vinegar in a 1-1/3 gallon jug for pretty cheap, so this option was not too expensive.

    I have not yet tried the electrolytic bath, but I have heard that it leaves a black coating that is easy to remove. I would probably do that the next time.

    -Scott Los Angeles


    Oh, and by the way. Please tell me you had to drive something like 200 miles for that vise. It would make be feel less jealous about the great deal you got. 😉

    -Scott Los Angeles

    Ken Dart

    Hi lee.

    I have just finished renovating my Record 52 1/2 vice.I have had it for some time and thought it was about time I did something with it.

    I started by stripping it down and degreasing all the parts with white spirit.I used an Angle grinder with a wire brush attachment ,this cleaned off all the surface rust and left it looking pretty good considering my previous neglect.I then re-greased the main threaded shaft re-painted the body  and re-assembled.

    An electric drill with a wire brush attachment would work as well.


    Thanks guys.
    Managed to strip the vice today and bought a wire wheel and went nuts on it.
    I think i will give the vinegar a go and sand until I’m blue n the face.
    I had the offer of getting it sand blasted and powder coated but I kind of like doing these things myself. To finish I reckon a tin of hammerite because it stabilises any rust left behind (or so i have been told)!

    The trek wasn’t too far 2h30mins there and back worth it for a nice bit of kit

    John-Paul Treen

    Great deal, that!

    May be teaching a grandmother to suck eggs here, but whatever you do, just make sure you don’t forget to protect any bare areas properly with your preferred lubricant when you’re done  (I use a bike chain lube spray with teflon for moving parts – it’s cheap and gets everywhere, but doesn’t gum up like WD-40).

    Everyone’s right when they say a good vice makes a huge difference.


    WD-40 is another of those great charades put over on us by modern manufacturers. WD-40 is ***NOT*** a lubricant, not matter how often you see it advertised as such. It is a Water Dispersal agent, designed precisely for driving moisture off of metal parts. The fact that it makes things temporarily slippery is a side-effect and a temporary one at that. As many of us know, it dries and gets sticky. Real lubricants don’t behave that way.

    Sure, use WD-40 for cleaning. But after that, follow up with a real lubricant.

    You would do very well, Lee, to swipe the bare metal of the vise with Paul’s little can/sponge of 3-in-1.


    Got myself an  old #78 rebate plane and a #50 combination plane off ebay last week, came today and they look like new, I don’t think they have ever been used…a few sessions sharpening them and they will be ready to go.

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