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    Andy Aumann

    Anyone have experience with these chisels? I live in Minnesota, and the Aldi/Lidl chisels are not an option any more. Looking for other ideas.

    Thanks folks!

    jeff Fisher

    Well, I bought a set of 4. I’m not unhappy about it. They were $18.

    I bought them to replace a few carpentry style hardware store chisels (ace branded I think) with big chunky plastic handles.

    The Grebstk’s blades are about 50% longer, which is one of the problems I had with the others. The Grebstk’s wood handles are a lot thinner and lighter than the very chunky plastic/rubber handles on the others I like the shape and balance a lot more. I’ve chopped 8 mortises in 1 3/4 cherry with a plastic faced hammer and the handsurvived with only some bruising. The profile of the blades is about the same as the Ace, the sides of the chisel which are perpendicular to the back are quite thick before the bevel starts, basically the same as the ace, etc chisels that’s the one problem I had with the ace that was not improved (I believe the ‘aldi’ chisels have a more refined bevel). This sometimes makes it tough to get into acute corners, like on a dovetail. I will eventually probably buy at least one more finely beveled chisel. They are metric, as I expected.

    As far as I can tell the physical properties of the steel are similar. I get them to the same sharpness, they seem to last about the same time, they take about the same effort to sharpen, the steel seems vaguely similar to the blade on my vintage stanley plane and to the ace chisels. I was able to flatten the back enough after not a huge effort (they are all hollow, but getting the first 1/4″ flat was not a giant amount of work). They sharpened up fine. Initially the smaller ones were not ground very square, but not so far out that it was a ton of work to correct. They were ground at about 27 degrees. They came sorta-sharp. Not nearly as sharp as I soon had them but it would have been possible to do rough work.

    Brian Halbert

    As a relative newcomer — I bought a set of 4 (1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 1″) for $20 or so, and they have worked well. I like the handle, and I think the thicker edge pre-bevel might be helping me prevent twist in mortice chopping.

    However, they are not super polished –> the one inch chisel had a deep gauge from grinding on the back that ran through the edge, and it’s been a bear to flatten. The other three set up pretty quick, though, and the steel seems hard enough to me (not that I’ve used others!)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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