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    So after doing some research and looking for a saw that I could afford, I picked up an 8″ William Greaves Gents Saw that Paul recommends. I got it in the mail and was so excited to start some projects I had been thinking about.

    But I cant for the life of me, get it to cut a straight line! I’m not sure if its me or the saw. I’ve used and built things by hand before so I’m not a complete rookie but Im beginning to think that there is something wrong.

    Every time I try and make a cut it starts out fine but starts to run away eventually. It tends to pull to the left I’ve noticed. I’ve attached some pictures of what is happening. I’ve done the two hammer thing to try and even out the set but I’m not sure what else to do.

    If you guys could give me some advice that would be amazing! Its really getting to me and every time I try to start a project or practice cutting, the same thing happens and my motivation just stops.

    Thanks a bunch!


    Hi there, I’m not an expert but I have been doing furniture making for 30+yrs, I have always had problems with gents saws also. You must make sure you are not putting pressure on the saw while cutting & keep your eye lined up with the cut. I bought a Crown dovetail saw that has a full handle I absolutely love it.Good luck


    Usually this happens when the saw is not aligned with the handle–therefore your hand isn’t aligned with the saw yet.

    Couple of things to do to get your hand used to the saw/handle is to begin cutting straight, then slowly lower your arm so that you visually see you are square on the top and the saw is slowly cutting on the vertical line.

    As Scott Caira mentioned, don’t try to push too hard afterwards, because you may misalign the saw blade. This can also happen with the traditional handles too.


    Richard Ennis

    I would suggest that you watch Paul’s brilliant videos on sharpening and setting saws. Sometimes new saws have to much set on one side or both sides and it can easily be corrected. You don’t need to buy a new saw, but Crown dovetail saw mentioned above by Scott is a wonderful saw and it worked wonderfully right out of the package. The Two Cherries brand saw not so much.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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