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    David Fabijan

    On a local clone of ebay, someone is selling (practically giving away) three saw blades.


    I was considering buying them and having a go at making some handles. I could use a keyhole saw, and an extra handsaw probably can’t hurt. But I’m not sure how to actually attach the handles, with the notch on the picture. Most handsaws I’ve seen had holes drilled in them, and the handles where attached with appropriate nuts. Has anyone ever seen saws with notches like this? How do you attach them so the handle doesn’t slip off? Should I just drill holes and use nuts/pins?

    David Perrott

    That isn’t the normal way handles are affixed to the saw plate. I think I have seen that before but on very cheap saws, but I’m no expert. That method of attaching the handle may explain why they don’t have handles on them. Any information you find about making saw handles wont apply to these. The saw plates may not be very good either. It may not be worth your time.

    David B

    Do you know for sure that these plates can even be sharpened?

    David Fabijan

    No David B, I’m not 100% certain if they can be sharpened. There is literally no description given, just the picture. They seem like they could be sharpened, but I can’t say untill/unless I see them in person. But I think Perrott might be right, it’s possible it’s not worth the effort, even if they are 1€ a piece. I’ll perhaps go take a look at them anyway since the seller also put up some wooden hand planes, looks like an old woodworkers shop is being cleaned out.

    Dave Ring

    Blades like this were usually sold as a set with a single handle and were interchangeable, secured by a wing nut. The set was typically sold as a “Nest-of-Saws”–low end DIY, homeowner stuff. They could certainly be sharpened but I wouldn’t bother with them.

    David Fabijan

    Thank you for the information Dave Ring. That would indeed explain why they are all without handles and a google search for “Nest of saws” really does give similar results. I’ve never seen one before, but I’m quite happy to accept the fact that they’re not quality material. Really appreciate the info, now I at least won’t feel bad for skipping on them. Even if they wouldn’t cost me much in terms of money, I can easily find more worthwhile ways of spending time.


    I have the handle from a set like that. Just the one keyhole blade came with it (left in your photo).
    As Dave says, they clamp into the handle with a Wing Nut, but its a poorly designed mechanism.
    The clamping-nut can’t exert enough pressure to squeeze the cheeks of the handle and clamp the blade steady and the blade rotates around that single pivot point so it rocks about quite a bit while sawing.
    My handle is cheap nasty wood.
    I only keep it as a pad-saw for when nothing else will fit in a tight spot, but I don’t think it will ever earn its space in the toolbox.

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