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    Woohoo, free saw! I’m going to have to come up with a solution for saw nuts at some point, not sure I can afford to buy the 15-20 I’d need to give my 5 saw plates proper handles.

    I can’t speak to the hickory, but when making a template for the replacement handle, be sure to make a note of grain direction. You will want to match it as closely as possible.

    Marilyn Moreno

    Hi @mooncabbage,
    Just read your response above. It’s kink, a bend at the top of the saw blade. You can see it when you eye along the blade from heel to toe. My technique is decent as after sharpening it for the 1st time it cut pretty straight and I didn’t steer away from the line. I tried doing the bend by grabbing it from handle to toe and it took out some of the bend, but some of it is still there.
    Is there anything else that I can try to straighten it further?
    BTW, I hang it on a wall for storage.

    , I’ve not heard of the boiling water remedy. I’ll look into it.

    Marilyn - Lehigh Valley, Eastern Pennsylvania - USA


    Just to be clear, a ‘kink’ is where the saw is straight, bends at an angle, and then goes straight again. A bend is a gentle curve the length of the blade. The bending trick isn’t really to fix kinks so much as to test the quality of the blade steel.

    To fix a kink, you can try hammering it out by gently tapping the affected area between a large hammer in the vice, to act as an anvil, and another hammer. Don’t whack at it, that much force isn’t necessary. You need to imagine that the bend has stretched the steel on one side of the blade. You can’t easily shrink the steel back, but you can stretch the steel on the opposite side to take the kink out. You probably won’t be able to get it back to new, but you might be able to make it useable.

    Another option, depending on the location of the kink, is to shorten the saw. If the saw is a full length 26-28″ blade, you could take anything from 4-8″ off of it and still have a serviceable saw.

    Marilyn Moreno

    It’s a kink, not a big one, which is probably why I can saw pretty straight. Unfortunately it’s mid blade, so shortening is out of the question. The kink is at the top edge and not along the teeth.
    Don’t have an anvil, so I’ll try to work something out with the vise and a couple of hammers.

    Marilyn - Lehigh Valley, Eastern Pennsylvania - USA


    I have gone through this search for saw nuts myself, repeatedly. Here are some affordable solutions that you might consider:

    – buy nickel-plated saw nuts from

    – buy 1″ furniture binding screws from big box store. These are often brass-plated steel, so look fairly nice, if non-traditional. They tighten using hex wrenches on either side.

    – go to your local Habitat for Humanity ReSTORE (or other second-hand goods place), and buy crummy and/or worn-out saws (usually $3-5) and salvage the saw nuts. Nice traditional saw nuts can often be obtained this way.

    – if you’re in the UK, or don’t care about shipping costs, you can get reasonably priced brass or brass-plated saw nuts here:

    Just moved to NE Ohio


    Thanks for the great links Mr Potter! I will say that Furniture Binding screws don’t do the job. They were the first thing I tried, and they just don’t grip strongly enough. Second hand saws in Oz don’t typically come with good saw nuts, having already been filched, or the saws being riveted instead.

    The amazon replacement screws look great. And they come in a 10 pack! I’ll see if they ship to Australia, otherwise would an American perhaps be interested in sponsoring a group buy?

    Last but not least, the Garlick & Sons link is a gold mine! It even says right on there, that shipping is reduced if you only buy nuts AND they have solid brass ones. The only potential issue is the shape of said nuts is a bit unusual. For 2 pound per fully brass nut, plus whatever shipping is, I can’t complain.

    In summary, I love you Mr Potter, please marry me.

    PS. Amazon do ship to Australia, so I’m ordering 20 of those screws, cause they’re cheap.