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    Panagiotis M

    Hello everyone!

    I recently got my hands on a piece of wood that was for many years abandoned outdoors in the sun and rain. After cutting it to shorter pieces, I planned the face and edge faces to identify the wood, but my experience is quite narrow!

    Any ideas?


    I’m not an expert either, but it looks like teak to me. The first picture in particular with the white streaks is a hallmark of teak. After you’ve taken some shavings, does the surface of the wood feel waxy? Again, this is a characteristic of teak. Also, the fact that it has been outside in the rain for a long time points to teak, as teak is pretty water resistant.

    Rafael Herrera

    Is it light weight? Did you ever find out?

    From the picture IMG_20200112_125142.jpg it looks to me like a mahogany or mahogany-like wood. It appears to have a reversing grain pattern that I’ve seen in some mahoganies.


    It looks just like some meranti that I have been working with recently. I also salvaged mine. I used Wood database to identify it. You can weigh it, measure the volume and it will take you in the ballpark. Than you can can compare how it looks with suggested species.

    George Gregson

    Looks like it could be Meranti, in Australia in the 70’s and 80’s we used heaps of this for skirtings, door jambs and architraves in housing. The material we got here came from Philippines (I think). I remember buying pack lots of architrave in particular.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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