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    Jim Braun

    There is a documentary available on YouTube that presents the history of the Stanley Toolworks. The film also discusses Leonard Bailey’s contributions.



    Monmouth County, New Jersey

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    John Yep

    The phrase “all news is local” from journalism schools is often touted in broadcast newsrooms. A permutation could be “all history is local” to awaken sleepy students in a history class. The past takes on added meaning if seen from a local perspective, when it becomes their story. I hail from Massachusetts but have lived most of my life in Rhode Island.

    [From Wikipedia] “The Stanley Rule and Level Company was founded in 1857 by Henry Stanley in New Britain, Connecticut.”
    [From Virginia Toolworks (a dealer of fine vintage hand planes)] “After the relationship between Stanley Rule & Level and Leonard Bailey fell apart in 1875, they ended up in court over a patent infringement dispute (which Stanley eventually won) over the designs of Stanley employee Joseph Traut. Bailey went to work for Selden Bailey’s (no relation) Bailey Tool Company and in 1878 moved from Hartford, Connecticut to Woonsocket, Rhode Island to oversee the manufacture of their Defiance and Leonard’s own Victor line of planes.”
    [From Wikipedia] “Leonard Bailey (1825-05-08 in Hollis, New Hampshire – 1905-02-05 in New York City) was a toolmaker/cabinet maker from Massachusetts.”

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    Conrad Aquino

    FYI the youtube video is no longer available, clicking on the above link results in a “Video unavailable – this video is private” message… too bad, I would have liked to have watched it.


    try this link