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    I’m working on the Desktop Organizer and figured it was time to find a rabbet plane. I did some web searches and saw e-bay and some other used tool sites with ‘questionable’ condition planes. Then out of the blue I noticed a “bullnose rabbet plane” at Home Depot. It looked just like the Stanley 78.

    Long story short –

    10 in. Bullnose Rabbet Plane, (Stanley Duplex 78 Rabbet Plane ) – $60.00
    Then I noticed they had the low angle jack plane too.
    Stanley Sweetheart No. 62, 14 in. Low Angle Jack Plane, $122.00

    I figured with Home Depot’s no questions asked return policy, if it was junk I’d take it back.

    The Stanley 78 is cast iron, it worked very well, and for what I’ll need it for – an excellent price.
    The jack plane was a surprise. Very nice, well built, looks great. I’m very happy with both purchases.

    Of course, they were both online purchases. But then it’s free shipping to the store.
    Wood planes at Home Depot? – I would have never expected that.

    Just wanted to share,


    Colin Scowen

    I can’t comment on the bull nose, but the low angle jack that I have has two issues. First, the tote has a little play in it that can get irritating sometimes, and second, I find that the blade can move around on the frog. I was watching a video today that showed an older bailey style plane where the user had put a little of what looked like fine emery cloth over the nub of the depth knob, to take up some of the play between the depth adjust mechanism and the blade.
    Not sure if this will help, or if I might need to tune the (Norris equivalent of) the lever cap or the frog a bit. My sweetheart smoother does not suffer with this, but it has a cap iron and also a screw on the underside of the mechanism that tightens everything up.
    Also, be careful with the front knob, I have had to repair the one on my no 4 as it stripped out the wood and glue. )It is a threaded rod screwed in to the handle, not a through shaft with a nut on the end.
    That being said, I have not had any other issues with the sweetheart planes, and I am able to get shavings you can read through after you go through the usual fettling that you would with all new planes.

    Colin, Czech Rep.

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    Thank you for the input. Always good information to have, in case I run into any issues.
    Thanks again,

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