How to apply the best varnish?

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    Antonio Santos

    Hi guys,

    I wasn’t sure on which section to create this topic, so I also created here:

    Finishing on Moving Workshop Table

    “Hi guys,

    This topic is not so much about the project, but the finishing itself (I wasn’t sure if I created here or in the “Finishing” section). Paul says that he used varnish, one coat, then sanded with 150 grit (isn’t too abrasive?), and then 2 or 3 coats, sanded with 240 grit and applied wax at the end.
    What is your method for applying varnish on solid wood and birch plywood? Are there differences in the application, in the method? Do you also use a brush to remove the excess? Won’t it leave brush marks?
    Do you use a sealer or just apply several layers of varnish, like Paul did? Why does he never uses a sealer? Is there any advantage to using it?
    Sorry for all of these questions, I’m new at this and I’m searching for the best method to apply varnish leaving a soft a smooth touch, with any marks of brush or roller (and without looking too glossy).”

    Can you please share your inputs?

    Thank you, kind regards

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