I learned some lessons today.

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    Boy what a day, but the lessons here are priceless.
    1. I will never buy pine from big box stores again, especially when a local lumber yard has cherry for half the price even with the extra cost of thickness planing.
    2. I will never use joinery to take a cup out of boards again, we’ll not without more thought first anyway.
    3. I won’t finish chopping tail recesses on the inside again, got a nasty blowout from the chisel.
    4. I will sharpen more often maybe for every task.
    I’m working on Paul’s tool chest , and today was time for glue up. I had some good dove tails with a few guppy ones, but I was not deterred. I had it all clamped up, gave some tails a good smack with the mallet to seat them, and I was feeling proud. Upon unclamping, to my horror, one side had a nasty split. This is the side that was bowed, the joinery did fix it. But maybe a bit to will hah! The best I can figure maybe some super glue seeped down the crack, or maybe a bow tie shaped patch as a good reminder of today’s lesson. I have already did some cutting by the last pin to release the tension, and I can clamp the crack closed. Does this sound like a good plan? I was cleaning up the joint on top while I was figuring out a fix for it, and all I could here is paul saying “the penalty for inaccuracies is more work” boy is he right sheesh!

    Danny Allen

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