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    they frustrate me.

    I am busy building my new workbench (Paul’s design) and this week I was planing the glued up legs with my LA Jack. But sort of suddenly the planed surfaces didn’t feel good. They had ridges all over. I took out the blade and sharpened it. While testing the blade alignment on a piece of scrap I noticed that on the right side of the plane the shavings came out in two pieces and left ridges on the wood. I took out the blade and examined it. It looked ok, but there might have been a small burr in that spot. I honed the back again to remove the burr. No success whatsoever.

    Back to the sharpening stones to redo the whole process taking care to keep an even pressure and remove the burr completely. I was almost convinced it would be ok now. But to my surprise it wasn’t. Same problem. I left the workshop cause it was getting late. Took a while before I fell asleep.

    This evening I resharpened the blade again just to be sure. No luck. Then I realized it could be the plane and not the blade. So I inspected the sole of the plane. The light bulb went on. There is a rather significant scratch right behind the mouth at the problem area. I am pretty sure this causes the issue. How it came there….dunno, maybe a knot but certainly no nail. Tomorrow I will work the sole with sandpaper on a piece of float glass to remove the scratch. If that doesn’t solve the problem I am finished woodworking……no just kidding.

    Sorry to bother you with this, but I told my wife and she just looked at me thinking…..yeah whatever.


    Had the same thing happen to me with my #4,  I must have nicked it with a chisel or something right on the edge of the sole, I just took some 220 grit sand paper and smoothed it out.   After that I built a little box that houses my plane so that won’t happen again.



    Yeah, I know that voice Michael. And the look that comes with it. Don’t worry buddy. We understand. Hope it doesn’t take to long to get her back in shape.

    West Virginia, USA


    Sometimes plane soles pick up mineral inclusions from the timber itself, while other times they collect tiny marks and scratches from other sources.  Stray tool steel edge burrs can sometimes embed themselves in a plane sole without the user knowing/realising.  It’s nothing to worry about, as long as you can overcome such snags and learn to check working surfaces and remove edge burrs as a matter of routine. 😉

    We once had a batch of timber imported from France/Belgium which was laden with shrapnel from one of the world wars and the inclusions tortured our tools to the point that we eventually gave up on trying to work the timber.  Most timber dealers will inspect such timber using metal detectors (If sourced from past battle sites) and avoid it like the plague as it can knock hell out of tools and prove dangerous to work with as shards of  metal can fly by at quite a pace when a bench saw blade strikes and be just as lethal almost 100 yrs after the event.

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