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    David B

    I didn’t do the base with steel and leather though–Those were things I did not have on hand. This project for me, while it may not look that great, had a few breakthroughs (and I also made a big error on the inside face, decoratively speaking). There is a gap on one of my dovetails but it was during this project that I something finally clicked and I’ve been cutting them better and better ever since. I accidentally put my nubs on the wrong side (I think Paul almost did–I just had a brain fart and was thinking it was the other face. So in the end, after I created those nice rosewood nubs, I just planed them down so that they would not encumber the functionality of the bookend–and they look cool like that I guess. Then I didn’t have enough rosewood left so I did the real nubs with a bit of walnut. So there you have it. A red oak and maple bookend with decorative rosewood and walnut. And no bottom to hold it in place…yet.

    Jim Allen

    David, I think that your bookends turned out great. They appear to be a very good skill building project and it is very useful to have bookends. It seems that some people think that they are too modern for books but I love them and have many. I have always believed that you can tell a lot about a person by the books on his book shelf. Read a lot and buy quite a few of them. I worked hard to instill a love for books in my own children and it took to some extent. I enjoy looking at their bookcases and reading the titles. –Jim

    Jim from the mythical State of Jefferson – Oregon side

    Blaine Hill

    Can I make the Craftsman Style Bookends without a plough plane? I followed Paul’s teaching on using a saw to make a long central recess in making a cutting board with bread-board ends, so it works in some situations. I don’t have the coin to add a plough plane to my tool chest (yet!). BTW, David B, those book ends look great!


    I want to build these but I don’t know where to buy the metal pieces – any recommendations?

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