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    I tried some inlay for Paul’s hand mirror projects and it went okay for my first time and would like to try some more complex, delicate inlay. But there is an obvious problem. To inlay the leaves on the hand mirror, we need to trace the leaves on to the mirror using the point of our knives. To keep the piece from moving while we are tracing, Paul has us use double sided tape. Once we have traced the leaves, we pull the leaves and the double sided tape from the mirror so we can carve out the recess for the inlay. This works because the leaves are not fragile. But this will not work on more delicate pieces which will break if we try the same thing. So is there some trick for holding delicate pieces (say, complex vine shapes) down to trace them? Obviously, if we just hold them down with hand pressure, they will move around enough to ruin the tracing. This in turn will produce a sloppy inlay. All I can think of is to just do a sloppy inlay and fill the gaps with saw dust, but that seems, well, sloppy! Does anyone know anything about this? Thanks!

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